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Kahn, Robin. Presentation at the Special Commission in Support of Western Sahara's Self-Determination, General Assembly, The United Nations, NYC, October 4, 2012.      link  (video at 2':09":50)

Kahn, Robin. Global Initiatives, CREATIVE TIME. Interview on Western Sahara with Polisario Representative
La.Sra Nadjat Hamdi", September 15, 2012.   link         


          Gookin, Kirby.  
 "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking": an impromptu dance and proclomation of friendship between Polisario
          Minister of Culture Khadija Hamdi and Senegalese artist Issa Samb.   June 7, 2012,   link 

          Vernissage TV.  dOCUMENTA(13) Preview. June, 7, 2012 "Robin Kahn & The Art of Sahrawi Cooking" (video at 4':20")   link 

          RASD TV . Reporting in Arabic from "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking" to the Tindouf Refugee Camps, Algeria, June.      link

          InTheTENT.ORG. GRADCAM (Dublin, Ulster, Ireland) A Daily Website on Public Activities at "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking": 
             Editorial Selections by 

             Jarvis, Beatrice. "The Quiet Act of Sharing."

             Jarvis, Beatrice + Walsh, Amy. "Recipe Exchanges."

             Walsh, Amy. "Adaptable Vegetable Medley w/Curry+Spices."

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         “An Exhibition Opens in Kassel, 6/6/2012 –16/6/2012” and “Karlsaue Park.”
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Christopher Grimes blog

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Artifariti.blogspot (June 11, 2012)

d-13 at Restencia Saharaui, A WOMAN'S PLACE? Robin Kahn in conversation with Stephanie Bailey - Interview

Robin Kahn Interview for MOMMY- an-e-journal on women artists. Mommy

G. Roger Denson, From Dining in Refugee Camps to dOCUMENTA 13: The Art of Seeking Sahrawi Independence, Huffington Post - Pdf of Dining in Refugee Camps


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